I'm running away from home

I have decided I am running away - my mother spends all of her time at a place called work and now there is a new place called school (she is going to school to be a nurse and take care of people, she doesn't want to count beans anymore, not that I blame her I would rather eat them than count them) - she feeds me and brings me treats and in her "spare time" she plays with me, but it's not like it used to be - what is a bun to do - I am packing and I am out of here unless she shapes up and to make matters worse she doesn't even bother taking a million pictures of me a week - i am going to eat her books then I am going to run away - that will teach her



NO ONE consulted with me before bringing this into the house - it makes noise, it jumps all over the place and when I am in my cage it tries to swat at me - mommy is being very careful to keep him away but when I can I'm going to thump him but good


oh no she didn't - she did

My mother, and I use this term loosely, seems to have just remembered to come home and feed me ... it is now 12:29 p.m., she explained that she was at work and had a nagging feeling that she had forgotten something important, and that she blames it on the fact that she was running late this morning - go on, discuss this amongst yourselves – I have to go eat, which I usually do at 6:30 a.m. and plot my revenge



I have learned how to free myself from my prison, and while the mommy is sleeping I run around and explore - I however made a fatal mistake this morning - I jumped up on her bed and woke her up - she placed me back in my cage and watched to see how I do it - there are now binder clips on it - back to the drawing board

Here is a picture of me mommy took in October - she didn't have a camera with her this morning


Happy New Year

I'm back - I have been through so many things this year which were very personal and I am not going to discuss here - Sam is doing well and he is eager to get back to blogging - hope everyone is doing well