Hoppin mad

Our mommy is hoppin mad, and I guess she deserves everything she gets, the only person she should be mad at is herself -
As you may or may not remember she broke her foot and sprained her ankle 7 weeks ago - the doctor was nice enough to let her have a walking boot as long as she promised to leave it on and stay off of her foot (can you see where this is going?) well, the mommy walked without her crutches and kept taking her boot off now 7 weeks later and very little healing to show for it - she is wearing a hard cast - the doctor knew she had been walking on it and that she was taking her boot off - ahh the miracle of x-rays. So she was given 2 options A. a hard cast or B. surgery, a hard cast and then the walking boot - she picked A.



mommy put a new blanket on our couch - and it is so soft - as soon as she isn't looking I will chew a hole in it - right now I am on the look out - I wonder where Sam is - I know he will want to help with the hole creating

mom says she is a little concerned about my weight and thinks I should be getting a little more exercise - but I am happy to just sit and watch