what kind of bunny is that

My sister is having a baby (her third) as a mother of twin girls (17 year old twin hormones- i mean girls) I say quit while your behind, but hey to each his own. She is very excited about this little bundle of joy and so am I (I can send him-her home)so I knit these up

and because every bunny mommy knows the best kids are bunnies, well I made her this - the pattern says its a Bunny hat (looks more like a lamb to me) but I tried and maybe it will look better on

and because I am a firm believer in give the people what they want here is a picture of Tabitha - who lately has NO PROBLEM running around every where


United we stand

we are just going to sit here and glare at her until she gets our treats, then we will wait for her to go away and we will eat them, and then we will go into our cage and ignore her



who knew how fast this little critter was - we finally caught him -

we used food -