sam update

Well the brushing did not go as well as I planned - I will pretend to be surprised as I am sure all of you are and the rest of you are probably laughing at me
here she is - what a puff ball - Sam is a Lion Head (or so I was told when I adopted her)
Well I am off to see how far I can get today



She is so funny - I tried to move her and she would not budge - it was time for bed and I was trying to guide her into her cage to go to sleep and she was having none of that - I went to pick her up and she swatted me. I got up and sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes and she stayed put -then she looked at me - then returned to her cage - her way of telling me "I will do it when I am good and ready to do it"

I can't wait til tonight - I am going to attempt to brush her hair pray for me people - pray for me


Role Reversal

LOOK WHO CAME TO ME - on her own - and look who let me hold her, and pet her, and kiss her- I am soooo happy that she is warming up to me - (yup that's little Tabitha)

- however her mom is protesting today and wont come out of her cage