While the cat is away - the bun? will play

Last night I peed on the couch and mommy was not happy with me, and told me I was not going back up on it until I learned to be a good boy
But mommy is at work, and the girls are home, and Sarah can't resist my charms- all I have to do is sit up and she wants to hold me, then after a smooch she is putty in my paws and look who is up on the couch eating bok choy - hehehehehe

the girls sent her a picture via text message - I hate those little square things- so I am now busted!!
gotta go hide before she gets home


I love my mom

I spent most of the night with Willow - she was so cuddly last night - strange, I can only wonder if she is acting as a decoy for the rest of them.
Only time will tell



over here - send cheese