our mom is nuts

there is a coupon for 2 dollars off of yesterdays news liter on and our mommy is jumping for joy (wait til Hef's mom finds out) - she is going to wait until it's on sale and purchase it - - nuts I tell you, nuts.


We have been up to a lot of mischief

Since Mommy can't chase us or catch us we have been even naughtier than usual
I learned a new trick - it's called jump up on the back of the couch and dig at the fabric - i don't think mom likes this trick because she kept taking me down.

we also got a toy - its a ball and I love rolling it around

Willow is also being naughty - mommy was a little upset because she couldn't find her and she looked every where - then she heard a strange sound and look what was in our bag of hay

then she ran and hid behind the pail where mom keeps the liter -

mom will never find her there