make the signs

We are in the process of forming a union and the cuddle strike will begin - now there is talk of the woman going to a wedding this weekend - if she is can't give us proper attention, how is it that she thinks she can go to a wedding - very selfish 2foot

Edited to add
our mommy went to work today and her co-workeres gave her this bell to ring if she needed something - we say it will be gone by noon


Someone better call PETA -

for the past few days the woman (no longer the mommy) has been laying on the couch with her foot in the air (she has some strange black contraption on it) at first we thought she was undergoing some sort of transformation, we saw her hopping around and we were waiting for the fur to sprout, but no such luck. She is hurt, and we are the ones who are hurting- our exploring time has been cut down because she claims she can't properly supervise us (because we are naughty bunnies) (thump) we have been sectioned off and have only been out in 30 minute shifts. At least "not the mommy" is bringing us food and water and those children are giving us treats but really why is PETA not here yet?