Our mommy is now a 1 foot

This is generally the view of Tabitha that we get and only this

Last night we had a major break thru - she came out of her cage and up onto the couch -

How did I make this happen - well with food of course

She even stayed up there with me and allowed me to pet her - I think she is starting to cave it also helped that her mom was with me - but I will take what I can


This morning the Mommy was coming down the stairs and she missed the bottom step and went right to the floor, twisted her foot and heard the cracking- not the mommy took her to the e.r. and she had x-rays -it's broken, right now it's all bandaged up and Monday she is going to see the orthopedist - this better not interfere with our meal plan. Here is her foot


she is a lot smarter than she looks

First she laid the trap - the rug, she knew we would not be able to resist, that one of us surely would want to crumple it up. We knew she was up to something because instead of walking around and doing the regular 2 foot things she does she stood there waiting for one of us to come over.... you will never believe who she caught in her evil trap -YUP Poor Samantha

She really didn't get a chance to run around outside because this beast was out there -His name is O'Rielly and while he is a really good dog the mommy wasn't taking any chances

So instead they went to the treat capitol of the world - the Nanny's house

In other news the daddy (or as he is now known - "not the mommy") is sick and he would appreciate it if the mommy would keep "those rabbits" quiet. We are going to tie him up in the leash and take him for a walk, hahahahahaha - if the mommy doesn't kill him first - because all he does is whine


Just trying to help

This is Sarah (she is one of the twins, she was late for school today and she claims that she no longer likes me). You see she usually sprays some stinky stuff on herself on the way out the door. So I thought I was helping her by peeing on her jeans before she walked out of the door for school - I thought I would save her some time and that since she smelled like me she wouldn't need her stinky spray - she didn't appreciate my hard work and effort, I even got up early to do this for her - some kids are never satisfied no matter how hard you try to please them. I was also planning on pooping in her shoe - I guess I will save that for Alyssa instead, she may appreciate it more than Sarah does.



Friends on the inside

The Hamster tells us the new contraption is a leash - hhhmmmm. He laughed and told us that she intends to slide it on us and take us outside, we have yet to confirm the rumor - our plan for now is to stay put and avoid her - No word from the mouse yet.


the woman has been shopping

and she came back with this contraption ... she tried to lure us over to it with treats, but we knew there was something strange going on so we hid. We were having no part of this odd torture device - then, when she was far enough away from it - we sent Sam in (he's the fastest one of us, which means he would turn and run if she came back to him) He went over sniffed it and dug at it,then came back and reported that it wasn't something that could be eaten so we immediately lost interest. We have a feeling we have not seen the last of that thing

P.s. Samantha and Tabitha are still with me she wants to do more bun proofing before she brings them to her home - I am fine with it because I don't want to part with the little buggers