interesting article

In other news I have decided that it would be better for Tabitha to be happy and with Anna - I am bringing them (Samantha & Tabitha) to her Saturday afternoon along with all of their things - I have already been told this does not mean I have more room for more bunnies -


another lesson learned

Sam and I now play a little game called - just get rid of the throw rug or learn to accept the fact that it will now be arranged in a crumpled heap -


I just dont get it

I am sure everyone remembers this adorable little nugget - also known as Tabitha.she is the little tan bun the one glaring at me - warning me that if I even come near her I will pay dearly (no really, it's not my imagination - i can't make this stuff up)

I really love this little bunny. She however HATES me - and now I have proof, a friend of mine came over last night and - gasp Tabitha ran right up to her and hopped into her lap she sat there the entire night - here is the photographic evidence she cuddled with her and wouldn't move -

So Anna (my friend) gets home and calls me and wants to know if I would be willing to let her take Samantha and Tabitha. I have to admit my first reaction was - you can't have my babies - but after a few minutes and my daughters chiming in I am thinking about it - obviously Taby is very happy with her and she is willing to take both buns (they are after all bonded)I know she would take very good care of them and I would still be able to see them. oh what to do what to do......


Oh Romeo

I feel so badly for these 2 - they talk through the bars, groom each other through the bars and look at each other - but until the surgery on the 29th I can't take any chances I really can't wait until they can be together again - I feel so cruel keeping them apart - but I am being a good mom.


helpful bun

The daddy is always talking about what a mess I make, so I decided I would get up early and help the mommy do some house work. First I did an inspection of the broom. Then I decided I would attack the dust mop.
I also did an inspection behind the door, and found nothing interesting there

Then the mommy sat on the floor sipping her coffee and looking at a magazine,(and they say bunnies are lazy - you should have seen her flop) so I came over to see what was so interesting - I am a little concerned about this article in particular and as soon as she puts this down and isn't looking I will have no choice but to chew and shred the magazine -