the mommy was playing with this last night (the hamster) - so I decided I would thump and thump, and she didn't even look at me so I hopped into this basket
and started chewing on it and watching her - she finally came over and gave me a treat, and petted me, I have to tell you I am not sure how I feel about the service around here .

Look - look who came out to look at the food (not eat) but she came out and the second I talked to her she ran away I guess it's a start

and check out this picture of Samantha - she was giving me the butt and turned when she heard the camera -



I have decided to approach the small human called Sarah - carefully I sneak up on her

up on the couch I go - now I will push her until she moves over - now I will flop next to her and relax - no it doesn't matter to me that she is now uncomfortable I am staying here and she will have to adjust

this is me under her blanket - which I will also take from her

On another note - what can I do about Tabitha try is I might and I have tried she HATES me (and the rest of my family) - she will not come out of the cage - when she does she hides and will NOT eat until I leave (I know she is eating because her food is gone) I have thought of chasing her and scooping her up and showing her that I love her - but I don't want to scare her either, I wonder if this is just our relationship and I should deal with it - I am learning a lot from these little fur balls


hiding out -- Willow

Thank you for all of your support on our jailing -
the mommy is cleaning my cage (prison cell) and I am hiding - I am hoping that if I cant see her then it means that she can't see me - hehehehehe



We are in jail - one of us (it was Willow) was chewing on the wire to the cable TV and since "she" (a.k.a the mommy) couldn't figure out who it was (it was Willow) and since we were the only two out at the time of the "alleged" (we learned that word from the daddy) incident we have been jailed