two more creatures

As most of you know there are now 4 bunnies in this house - one alien (aka Theodore the mouse) but now there are two more strange beings - they look like puffs of fur after mommy brushes Samantha take a look at this ------
and the thing is that when the two furless children put them on the table the mommy didn't even get mad - when I went up on the table she told me NO here is the other one

Well I have to go mommy said she is taking me for a special ride


Look what I got

the other buns are very jealous right now, I, Sam bunny got something in the mail wanna see - Mommy says she is going to put a picture of the cutest bun ever in there - the daddy suggested she take a group shot, and put all 4 of us in it - the mommy is still laughing at the thought of the 4 of us actually staying still and together long enough for her to take a picture - one of the evil twins suggested she either tie us up (the mommy gave her a mean look) or photo shop the shot.

any way this wonderful frame came from because I won a frame in the drawing during the biggest bunny bash festivities ever - yeah me. THANK YOU for all of your hard work - mommy says bunny people are very special.

All of us would like to give a shout out to not only are these wonderful bunny parents great decorators (mommy is going umbrella shoping this weekend) but oats - who would have thunk it - we love them - yum and everyone knows the way to a buns heart is through it's tummy
okay gotta go - one of the evil twins didn't put her flat iron away and I have been eyeing the cord - I will teach you to talk about tieing me up (mmmwwwaaaahhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaa)


Mommy look at me - i have been nudging your feet for at least 2 minutes - pick me up and rub my ears and my back -

Hey Why did you stop

I love you mommy

P.S. the Daddy just called - Sam got something in the mail - the dopey mailman brought it over to the neighbor and the neighbor just brought it over to the Daddy