Rule #1

We will be taking our meals in the hallway in front of the bathroom door from here on out - where's Sam?

Can you believe the 3 of them pushed that dish out of the kitchen and into that corner - they are just so funny - I wonder what other wonderful surprises are in store for me as they tell me what to do -


Happy Birthday

The buns and I are going to make carrot cake today for the birthday girls - Willow says to come get her when it's time to eat, she is resting up for the festivities.
Happy Birthday to my little furless monsters - I can't believe you are 17 years old - I looked on them this morning (4 am) and they were so cute (they were asleep) lol

they would kill me if they knew I put this picture on here - mmwwwaaaahaaaahaaaaarrr


I want no part of this mad house

I am refusing to play with the other buns, I did however get some amusement from you looking around trying to find me (I was sitting here the whole time glaring) - I am sitting up here on the couch in the dark and I am going to ignore everyone - and you, crazy rabbit woman, don't even think of trying to pet me - it is by the grace of god I am allowing you to even get close enough to take that picture -

Here is a picture that Samantha's foster mom sent to me -

she wanted to get one of Tabitha and the Easter bunny too - but, and you will never believe this, Tabitha refused to come out of the carrier. I hope she warms up to me - all the other buns can't wait to come get treats from me and play and get head rubs - but not this one - she is having no part of me.


Alyssa for president

Alyssa and the mommy went to taco bell (mommy finds this place gross - but Alyssa would eat there every day if she could) and what the mommy didn't know at first is that I had been smuggled into the car (Alyssa says I am her favorite because I give kisses) - after a while and a few giggles I popped out of the pocket in her hoody and crawled up behind her head - I like car rides - the mommy lectured Alyssa about how I should be in a carrier and Alyssa told her she was my carrier

then when we got back I was so tired form all of the excitment that i hopped up on the couch (a trick I learned from the new buns) and cleaned myself and plopped down and took a nap

- the mommy wooke me later to put me back in my cage - no buns out at night - we are all still working on that rule.


Monday with Samantha

I am staying here by the stove - I will not eat, I will not play - I will sit here and you cant make me love you - come to think of it I am not even going to look at you

Don't think because I have hopped up on the same couch that you are sitting on, when the other one is totally empty that it means I want to be near you

HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM what strange pink paws you have

hey you I am looking at you - don't ignore me

Because I have hopped on to your chest means nothing - what is that thing you have, hey, why are you pointing that at me - put that thing down and go back to petting me - hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm it seems the mommy can be trained after all - now for the rest of the family


don't judge me people

I am not sure what came over me (I am calling it bunny buzz) - the only thing that is for sure is that I have been threatened - my family is thinking of taking all means of money from me, so that I am unable to spend money on rabbit paraphernalia and rabbits. Although they are playing with these babies just as much as I am.

You see, I was browsing the Internet (they may also take my computer away)Truth be told I really miss Merlin a lot, and I was looking for a bun that looked like him and at the same time I told myself that wasn't a good excuse to adopt a little black bun- because there can only ever be one Merlin and then I saw two little buns on a mother (she is three- Samantha) and her daughter (born in June of 08 Tabitha) and I thought oh how sweet they look - well as luck would have it the woman who was fostering them was going to be at our local Petco (I know this because Sam - yeah it was Sam, sent her an email and asked her about them) and I of course needed to go get more pellets - yeah that's what I needed - pellets, and then can you believe the carrier they were in fit into my car (I drive a small car people) and their supplies fit into my front seat and before I actually knew what was happening we were headed home and they were hopping up on the couch - go figure.
So far they all seem to get along just fine (the children are threatening to move out -insert evil smirk here) and well I am loving life.