A new bed

the mommy came home from work yesterday and gave us our dinner - then made dinner for the children (the daddy works from 3 - 11 so he comes to see us for dinner at 7:30) then she went and picked through a pile of fabric. Sam and I wanted to help her but she wouldn't let us, then she turned on a machine that made a horrible noise and Sam and I ran and hid in a box - She came back with this contraption, she said it's a little bed for us to lay on. At first we wouldn't come out of the box because we thought she might turn that thing back on - so we waited and when the coast was clear we snuck out and found this - the children were heard complaining that they have been asking the mommy to fix things for them on the sewing machine and they are still in the basket - but the minute the buns need something she jumps, hehehehe

I immediately started digging at it and chewing on it (she is a little worried about me eating the fabric- she worries about everything)
She put it up on the couch and we laid in it and sat next to her - watching TV while she was knitting. Sam fell asleep with his feet in the air and she took this picture with her phone because she was afraid that if she got up she would wake him up and he would move

If you look closely I am laying under him - he is so rude - I was nice and cozy and he came and plopped on me with his feet sticking up in the air no less


Our Mommy seems better

Our mommy seems to be better today - We have been really good and we have been playing with her and she is happier than she was a few days ago - We miss Merlin too. We have looked everywhere for him and we can't find him - the mommy gave us a few extra treats and told us that Merlin is looking down on us and he will take care of us.

She has been doing something for a few days with some string and beads (the daddy said it's called knitting and it helps her relax) Maybe she is making something for us :) we think it's a waste of time, because instead of knitting she could be paying attention to us and doing things we need done.


Still not doing to well

First thank you to everyone for your kind words and thoughts - I really appreciate it
I am of course torturing myself wondering if I did something wrong, did I feed him something that made him sick - I cant stop thinking - I feel helpless and I wish I had an answer, and at the same time I know I need to let it go - I am glad I have Sam and Willow to cuddle.

Hairdresser in the making


The little ones are cheering me up - I miss all of Merlin's little antics, I have to say it sure is quiet around here without him. Sage - now known as Sam (if that bun is a girl then it has an extra part - i need to call the vet or get a new vet) is turning into quite the little cuddle bug and the kisses - amazing. It's weird they used to be so shy and wouldn't come near me and suddenly they are all over me, they follow me every where I go and are so happy to see me. I wonder if they sense how heart broken I am and if they are trying to cheer me up.
here is Sam all cuddled up in my blanket


In tears - the mommy

Today is even harder for me than yesterday
My little Merlin passed away yesterday - he seemed fine with the exception of a runny nose. then yesterday when i went home at lunch to see them (yes i go home to visit them during the day) he didn't want to come out of his pen and he didn't want to eat and by the time i got home from work he was looking weak - i called the vet and drove out to the after hours location and by the time we got there he was gone. I still don't know what happened. i am heartbroken - i really loved that little guy (don't tell the others but he was my favorite) When i got home i just laid on the couch and cried, my daughter brought the other two buns to me and sage actually kissed my face - i wonder if she knows how sad I am.


Over the river and through the woods

I went to Nannies house this weekend with the mommy (she said she likes taking me places because I am a good boy) the nanny is so nice too - she placed a pile of baby spinach leaves in a little pile for me in my favorite hiding spot at her house yum yum

Where's Sage

The mommy went to All Pets Club to buy us some tubes to play in and when she came home she was sad - she told the daddy that there are A LOT of baby bunnies there and one sad older bunny waiting to be brought home - the daddy told her not to get any ideas - she hopes that all of these bunnies will go to loving homes.
So of course we decided to cheer her up and play hide and seek in the tubes she got for us

Can you see the adorable little bun tail sticking out of the tube?