Bunny Land

the mommy spent 4 hours down in the basement,don't worry it's very nice down there and she spends lots of time down here in her knitting room and the teen aged creatures come down to play on the computer and do their laundry, she didn't even cook dinner for her family,they all had sandwiches, while we had yummy salads. She told the daddy she purchased 4 boxes of these things(she picked them up at Target - they were on sale for 14.99)and two boxes of tie wraps (which she has yet to trim)

and came up with this - (you can see one of our old condos in the back ground - the daddy explained that the empty condos do not mean they need to be filled with more buns) I say bring them on - more furry creatures for our army of cuteness

Here is a close up of Willow's new digs

then sage's new house

And of course last but not least my new home

The mommy says now we can all talk to each other through the bars while she is at work and we can all play together in the house when she comes home - yet we all have a home of our own to play, jump and spread out in
What she doesn't know is now we can put our heads together and plot against her - maw ha ha


the mommy is trying to figure out how it is I can escape from my cage and magically appear. The daddy thinks I was reading through his S.W.A.T. manual and picked up some techniques, he told the mommy I was like a little prisoner sitting in my cell plotting all day. Ha I will show him !!! I did hear her and the daddy talking about a nanny cam - I now have to figure out what one of those is


Vacation Day Willow

The mommy stayed home today and we took turns running around all over the house - here I am on the mommy's bed, she put me up there will she was mopping the floors

then we went downstairs and she placed a dish with yummy lettuce on it - I pushed and pushed until i positioned the dish into a corner, and I quietly ate my lettuce while she shook her head and smiled - the people are so easily amused