Deep Sigh - mommy

I am in the process of thinking of a new name for Sage - who turns out is a boy and not a girl - I now have 3 two story bunny condos lined up and I can only shake my head - thank god we are going to the Vet tomorrow


What is a vet?- all

the mommy is taking us to the vet on Saturday - yeah a road trip !!!!!!!

Hey dont forget me - Sage

This place is great - Willow and I are so lucky to be here - I wish the bunny named Merlin would come out and play with us - the mommy said she thinks he is angry

I'm here - willow

I'm not sure what's going on here - all I know is there is a snotty rabbit here who wont even come out and say hello to me and who wouldn't want to talk to me look how sweet I am curled up in the mommy's lap -


This is Willow - I don't think Merlin is very happy to have her in the house - he has been protesting and has not come out of his cage since she got there, she is very shy and this is the best picture I could get of her

O hell NO - merlin

that crazy woman brought home not one but 2 more buns - what is she thinking - i am staying right here until they go away - see how she has left the cage door open so that I come out - no way!!!!!!!! - I will stay in my box and teach her a lesson



There is nothing worse than happily hoping along, heading for your favorite hiding place - and finding this.

(You will have to excuse the picture - this is not one of the mommy's strong points )

What has the mommy done? Does she not know that I love going back there? Does she not know it is the perfect hiding place from the children? Does she not know that I was so looking forward to chewing on all of the wires back there? What is it with this family?

counter strike

I think the family is trying to fatten me up and slow me down - while I was under the table they kept giving me treats, little pieces of fruit and vegetables after a while I was so tired and full that I fell asleep right there

plan under way

My plan is taking shape, this weekend while my family was not paying attention (fools) I hopped over to the bottom of the stairs. I went up one step then came back down and tried it again. I made it all the way to the top when the mommy rounded the corner, immediately she went running for the thing she calls the camera. I was almost to the bottom when she took my picture. So much for no evidence ... that mommy creature is smart -- no doubt the experience that comes from dealing with the two creatures she calls the twins