they will pay

The creatures (I have now identified them as Sarah - the taller of the two and Alyssa the one with the shorter hair) used their square devices to contact the mommy today, and actually told her that I bit them - look at me do I look like I would bite anyone? When I met the Nani (this is the mommy's mom) she said I was the sweetest little thing she had ever seen, so, really bite someone - they will pay!!!!!!
I know where their cage is, I will hop in when no one is around and I will chew their things.


Merlin Speaks

the Mommy left me alone for the greater part of the day with the two creatures she calls her children - one was heard complaining all day about wanting something called Pizza and the other one kept looking at me - both creatures have little square devices they hold up to their heads and talk into constantly or pound into furiously with their strange looking paws - when is the mommy coming back - i can tell you that i am not to pleased that she has left me all day.

Forever Home

A man came to get me today with a woman (she has very soft hands and smells very nice) the woman who calls herself mommy held me close and petted me and made me feel safe. she took me to a big hut and set me down and i wandered around exploring everything - i think i might like it here - there are lots of toys to play with and a cozy little cage for me to be in when i am not roaming around.