she is a lot smarter than she looks

First she laid the trap - the rug, she knew we would not be able to resist, that one of us surely would want to crumple it up. We knew she was up to something because instead of walking around and doing the regular 2 foot things she does she stood there waiting for one of us to come over.... you will never believe who she caught in her evil trap -YUP Poor Samantha

She really didn't get a chance to run around outside because this beast was out there -His name is O'Rielly and while he is a really good dog the mommy wasn't taking any chances

So instead they went to the treat capitol of the world - the Nanny's house

In other news the daddy (or as he is now known - "not the mommy") is sick and he would appreciate it if the mommy would keep "those rabbits" quiet. We are going to tie him up in the leash and take him for a walk, hahahahahaha - if the mommy doesn't kill him first - because all he does is whine


d. moll, said...

Very fashionable leash. It is traditional that not mommy sort of people are very bad at being under the weather. I think he just needs a little walk on the leash.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice leash. Mom always smart as mom always can read the bunns' mind, LOL!