Oh Romeo

I feel so badly for these 2 - they talk through the bars, groom each other through the bars and look at each other - but until the surgery on the 29th I can't take any chances I really can't wait until they can be together again - I feel so cruel keeping them apart - but I am being a good mom.


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Cruel to be kind, you are a good mom!!!

YowlYY said...

Surgery on the 29th, and then wait 3 more weeks just to make sure. It will be well worth the wait, and I agree - you're a good mum!

Anonymous said...

A good bun mom's gotta do what a good bun mom's gotta do, even if it results in some unhappy bunnies. But that's only temporary, they'll be together again in no time. At least they can still sniff each other through the bars :)