the mommy was playing with this last night (the hamster) - so I decided I would thump and thump, and she didn't even look at me so I hopped into this basket
and started chewing on it and watching her - she finally came over and gave me a treat, and petted me, I have to tell you I am not sure how I feel about the service around here .

Look - look who came out to look at the food (not eat) but she came out and the second I talked to her she ran away I guess it's a start

and check out this picture of Samantha - she was giving me the butt and turned when she heard the camera -


Rabbits' Guy said...

Hey! Thanks for the cane offer, but actually I like using the umbrella. it works Ok and is soft on my hands! And, finally I am getting some value for the expense!

I bet that little shy one will come aroound slowly. Food and treats work wonders.

d. moll, said...

The hamsters are a bit cute, but I see the bunnies mat be very disapproving, after al it is a rabbit centered universe. You might want to check with Tabithas foster to see what sort of situation she was in and maybe figure out why she is so shy......I love her white eyeliner. My bunnies wear sunglasses all day long.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cute hamster! Don't let the rabbits know I said that ;)