Just trying to help

This is Sarah (she is one of the twins, she was late for school today and she claims that she no longer likes me). You see she usually sprays some stinky stuff on herself on the way out the door. So I thought I was helping her by peeing on her jeans before she walked out of the door for school - I thought I would save her some time and that since she smelled like me she wouldn't need her stinky spray - she didn't appreciate my hard work and effort, I even got up early to do this for her - some kids are never satisfied no matter how hard you try to please them. I was also planning on pooping in her shoe - I guess I will save that for Alyssa instead, she may appreciate it more than Sarah does.



Anonymous said...

All that effort gone to waste! We've discussed this amongst ourselves, and we've come to the conclusion that Sarah was most likely upset because you had used the wrong method of application. Next time, try spraying your pee at Sarah instead, in the same way she sprays that stinky stuff on herself everyday. You know, like, leap off the ground and twist your bum at the same time so that everything flies everywhere ;) We believe Sarah prefers misty sprays over puddles.


YowlYY said...

My ex used to have a Netherland dwarf, Bobo, that was never neutered. He loved my ex and would often use the "spray" method on him, just before he was leaving to school (he's a teacher). Jeans, shoes, floor, everything nicely marked!

d. moll, said...

I have found that rabbits are very sensitive to hormones and such, and, well, teen aged girls and packed with that! I think she should fell complimented.

Hef's Mom said...

Hef used to do this and peed right on me when I was dressed to go to work. He got hollered at from the upstairs down to his cage and that put an end to that! I was yelling and stomping my feet and flicking my feet. Thank goodness noone else was home to see me!