Alyssa for president

Alyssa and the mommy went to taco bell (mommy finds this place gross - but Alyssa would eat there every day if she could) and what the mommy didn't know at first is that I had been smuggled into the car (Alyssa says I am her favorite because I give kisses) - after a while and a few giggles I popped out of the pocket in her hoody and crawled up behind her head - I like car rides - the mommy lectured Alyssa about how I should be in a carrier and Alyssa told her she was my carrier

then when we got back I was so tired form all of the excitment that i hopped up on the couch (a trick I learned from the new buns) and cleaned myself and plopped down and took a nap

- the mommy wooke me later to put me back in my cage - no buns out at night - we are all still working on that rule.


d. moll, said...

Spots are out all night, all the time, it was made very, very clear nothing but unlimited freedom would ever be tolerated (spoiled Spots).

RE: your comment: Yes, actually my son and I devised a scenario involving doors being kicked in, rabbits rescued by force if need be, and a fire bomb. What can I say he is a boy, since he is going off to school to learn how to make video games perhaps in future this will be one.

The Bunns said...

No bunns out at night here, either. D. Moll is bold! (or bunny-whipped!)

Anonymous said...

A trip to Taco Bell! Sounds like you had lots of fun! Do you actually enjoy car rides? None of my bunnies seem to care for it, although I wish they'd like it.. it would be fun taking them for short rides :)