Vacation Day Willow

The mommy stayed home today and we took turns running around all over the house - here I am on the mommy's bed, she put me up there will she was mopping the floors

then we went downstairs and she placed a dish with yummy lettuce on it - I pushed and pushed until i positioned the dish into a corner, and I quietly ate my lettuce while she shook her head and smiled - the people are so easily amused


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Looks like a fun day, Willow. Yes, people are ever so easily amused, but then rabbits are ever so amusing!!!

YowlYY said...

A salad must be eaten according to the bunnies' rules, and if it requires pushing the plate in a corner then be it. Miss Eve and Neville have their own rules, which consist in scattering the upper leaves in the bowl on the floor, while they dive into the bowl to get to the elusive carrot pieces and celery leaves hiding at the very bottom.