Oh yes It's Ladies Night -Willow & Sage

Last night the mommy set us free

we sat together for a while not sure which way to go or what to do
the mommy even laid down a trail of craisins that led right to her but we were having no part of it - we are protesting and we will stay right here

then she came over and petted us for a while Willow finally turned towards her and she was able to snap this picture - I stayed in the background I just feel a woman should remain mysterious

She then sat on the floor watching TV and after a while we both ran back into our condo and when she looked for us she realized that we were sleeping - she couldn't get a good picture so she closed the door and gave up.
We were talking and we might give her a chance -


mrbarrington said...

Such snugglers!

d. moll, said...

Sweet girls, I want o snuggle them, but they might be aghast! Remember a hungry bun is a friendly bun. I reduced food a bit when I started "training" Tyler and Sydney.

The Bunns said...

I think this might have a very happy ending!