Another lesson learned

daughter #1 - one of those stupid rabbits chewed the charger for my cell phone

mom - you should have put it away when you were finished with it - I warned you that they love to chew on things

Daughter #2 - maybe you shouldn't let them roam all over the place

mom- wasn't the charger in your room?, why don't you close the door? I warned you that if you don't want the buns in there just close the door, they can't reach the door knob - I guess you will have to go buy another one

(insert evil glare from daughter #1, when she realises that I will not be replacing said chewed up charger and she will have to use her own money)

Sam says it wasn't me - I am busy eating my bok choy, and we all know from yesterday's lesson Willow is not coming out of her cage.

By the way who is SHE calling stupid - she wasn't smart enough to put it away

And has anyone questioned that mouse? because if you ask us that mouse looks awfully sketchy. We will have the daddy talk to him


d. moll, said...

Rule #2- What a bun can reach a bun may chew.

The Spots love all forms of wires and have gotten, despite protective efforts a number of wire dependent devices.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the mouse, or maybe the wire was of such extremely poor quality that it just broke on its own.. whatever it is, it's never the rabbits' fault ;)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Teenagers and loose bunns! Whoo Hoo!

Say ... all the 10 House of Rabbits bunns have pens out on our deck, which is up off the 2nd floor of our house. So, no, they can't run away. We would not let them out to free roam ... we live in a rural area, they would be in the underbrush toot sweet. There are many various hawks, eagles, and owls ... and coyotes and feral cats ... nope, the Bunns stay close and penned!