and now for the sad news

this hit me really hard - i was going through a very emotional time personally.
I took little willow to the vet because there was something wrong with her tooth - it was swollen inside of her mouth she wasn't eating and she was pretty nasty (i would be too if i as in pain and hungry)the vet told us it was an abscess and that it was pretty routine surgery (surgery and routine two scary words) well we lost her during surgery - i have to say i am still not over it but Sam and i are hanging in there - i am going to wait a while before bringing another bun into the house - give myself time to get better (not get over it) for now little Sam is being spoiled and loved by everyone


Waiting by the stove

I am going to wait here - sooner or later she will drop one of those vegetables she's chopping


where to begin

First things first - Samantha and Tabitha have gone to live with Anna and they are very happy there - they run around and play and are cage free 24/7
So we are happy for them and they seem to love it there ...... more tomorow



it's been so long but we are back -so many things have happened and we are just starting to get back to normal
Longer post tomorow with lots of pictures


Happy Birthday Tabitha

My little monster is 1 year old today - we will have a party tonight and will have lots of pictures to share in the morning
Dont have many pictures of her - she is back to hating me

Hoppin mad

Our mommy is hoppin mad, and I guess she deserves everything she gets, the only person she should be mad at is herself -
As you may or may not remember she broke her foot and sprained her ankle 7 weeks ago - the doctor was nice enough to let her have a walking boot as long as she promised to leave it on and stay off of her foot (can you see where this is going?) well, the mommy walked without her crutches and kept taking her boot off now 7 weeks later and very little healing to show for it - she is wearing a hard cast - the doctor knew she had been walking on it and that she was taking her boot off - ahh the miracle of x-rays. So she was given 2 options A. a hard cast or B. surgery, a hard cast and then the walking boot - she picked A.



mommy put a new blanket on our couch - and it is so soft - as soon as she isn't looking I will chew a hole in it - right now I am on the look out - I wonder where Sam is - I know he will want to help with the hole creating

mom says she is a little concerned about my weight and thinks I should be getting a little more exercise - but I am happy to just sit and watch


what kind of bunny is that

My sister is having a baby (her third) as a mother of twin girls (17 year old twin hormones- i mean girls) I say quit while your behind, but hey to each his own. She is very excited about this little bundle of joy and so am I (I can send him-her home)so I knit these up

and because every bunny mommy knows the best kids are bunnies, well I made her this - the pattern says its a Bunny hat (looks more like a lamb to me) but I tried and maybe it will look better on

and because I am a firm believer in give the people what they want here is a picture of Tabitha - who lately has NO PROBLEM running around every where


United we stand

we are just going to sit here and glare at her until she gets our treats, then we will wait for her to go away and we will eat them, and then we will go into our cage and ignore her



who knew how fast this little critter was - we finally caught him -

we used food -


sam update

Well the brushing did not go as well as I planned - I will pretend to be surprised as I am sure all of you are and the rest of you are probably laughing at me
here she is - what a puff ball - Sam is a Lion Head (or so I was told when I adopted her)
Well I am off to see how far I can get today



She is so funny - I tried to move her and she would not budge - it was time for bed and I was trying to guide her into her cage to go to sleep and she was having none of that - I went to pick her up and she swatted me. I got up and sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes and she stayed put -then she looked at me - then returned to her cage - her way of telling me "I will do it when I am good and ready to do it"

I can't wait til tonight - I am going to attempt to brush her hair pray for me people - pray for me


Role Reversal

LOOK WHO CAME TO ME - on her own - and look who let me hold her, and pet her, and kiss her- I am soooo happy that she is warming up to me - (yup that's little Tabitha)

- however her mom is protesting today and wont come out of her cage


While the cat is away - the bun? will play

Last night I peed on the couch and mommy was not happy with me, and told me I was not going back up on it until I learned to be a good boy
But mommy is at work, and the girls are home, and Sarah can't resist my charms- all I have to do is sit up and she wants to hold me, then after a smooch she is putty in my paws and look who is up on the couch eating bok choy - hehehehehe

the girls sent her a picture via text message - I hate those little square things- so I am now busted!!
gotta go hide before she gets home


I love my mom

I spent most of the night with Willow - she was so cuddly last night - strange, I can only wonder if she is acting as a decoy for the rest of them.
Only time will tell



over here - send cheese


our mom is nuts

there is a coupon for 2 dollars off of yesterdays news liter on and our mommy is jumping for joy (wait til Hef's mom finds out) - she is going to wait until it's on sale and purchase it - - nuts I tell you, nuts.


We have been up to a lot of mischief

Since Mommy can't chase us or catch us we have been even naughtier than usual
I learned a new trick - it's called jump up on the back of the couch and dig at the fabric - i don't think mom likes this trick because she kept taking me down.

we also got a toy - its a ball and I love rolling it around

Willow is also being naughty - mommy was a little upset because she couldn't find her and she looked every where - then she heard a strange sound and look what was in our bag of hay

then she ran and hid behind the pail where mom keeps the liter -

mom will never find her there

make the signs

We are in the process of forming a union and the cuddle strike will begin - now there is talk of the woman going to a wedding this weekend - if she is can't give us proper attention, how is it that she thinks she can go to a wedding - very selfish 2foot

Edited to add
our mommy went to work today and her co-workeres gave her this bell to ring if she needed something - we say it will be gone by noon


Someone better call PETA -

for the past few days the woman (no longer the mommy) has been laying on the couch with her foot in the air (she has some strange black contraption on it) at first we thought she was undergoing some sort of transformation, we saw her hopping around and we were waiting for the fur to sprout, but no such luck. She is hurt, and we are the ones who are hurting- our exploring time has been cut down because she claims she can't properly supervise us (because we are naughty bunnies) (thump) we have been sectioned off and have only been out in 30 minute shifts. At least "not the mommy" is bringing us food and water and those children are giving us treats but really why is PETA not here yet?


Our mommy is now a 1 foot

This is generally the view of Tabitha that we get and only this

Last night we had a major break thru - she came out of her cage and up onto the couch -

How did I make this happen - well with food of course

She even stayed up there with me and allowed me to pet her - I think she is starting to cave it also helped that her mom was with me - but I will take what I can


This morning the Mommy was coming down the stairs and she missed the bottom step and went right to the floor, twisted her foot and heard the cracking- not the mommy took her to the e.r. and she had x-rays -it's broken, right now it's all bandaged up and Monday she is going to see the orthopedist - this better not interfere with our meal plan. Here is her foot


she is a lot smarter than she looks

First she laid the trap - the rug, she knew we would not be able to resist, that one of us surely would want to crumple it up. We knew she was up to something because instead of walking around and doing the regular 2 foot things she does she stood there waiting for one of us to come over.... you will never believe who she caught in her evil trap -YUP Poor Samantha

She really didn't get a chance to run around outside because this beast was out there -His name is O'Rielly and while he is a really good dog the mommy wasn't taking any chances

So instead they went to the treat capitol of the world - the Nanny's house

In other news the daddy (or as he is now known - "not the mommy") is sick and he would appreciate it if the mommy would keep "those rabbits" quiet. We are going to tie him up in the leash and take him for a walk, hahahahahaha - if the mommy doesn't kill him first - because all he does is whine


Just trying to help

This is Sarah (she is one of the twins, she was late for school today and she claims that she no longer likes me). You see she usually sprays some stinky stuff on herself on the way out the door. So I thought I was helping her by peeing on her jeans before she walked out of the door for school - I thought I would save her some time and that since she smelled like me she wouldn't need her stinky spray - she didn't appreciate my hard work and effort, I even got up early to do this for her - some kids are never satisfied no matter how hard you try to please them. I was also planning on pooping in her shoe - I guess I will save that for Alyssa instead, she may appreciate it more than Sarah does.



Friends on the inside

The Hamster tells us the new contraption is a leash - hhhmmmm. He laughed and told us that she intends to slide it on us and take us outside, we have yet to confirm the rumor - our plan for now is to stay put and avoid her - No word from the mouse yet.


the woman has been shopping

and she came back with this contraption ... she tried to lure us over to it with treats, but we knew there was something strange going on so we hid. We were having no part of this odd torture device - then, when she was far enough away from it - we sent Sam in (he's the fastest one of us, which means he would turn and run if she came back to him) He went over sniffed it and dug at it,then came back and reported that it wasn't something that could be eaten so we immediately lost interest. We have a feeling we have not seen the last of that thing

P.s. Samantha and Tabitha are still with me she wants to do more bun proofing before she brings them to her home - I am fine with it because I don't want to part with the little buggers


interesting article

In other news I have decided that it would be better for Tabitha to be happy and with Anna - I am bringing them (Samantha & Tabitha) to her Saturday afternoon along with all of their things - I have already been told this does not mean I have more room for more bunnies -


another lesson learned

Sam and I now play a little game called - just get rid of the throw rug or learn to accept the fact that it will now be arranged in a crumpled heap -


I just dont get it

I am sure everyone remembers this adorable little nugget - also known as Tabitha.she is the little tan bun the one glaring at me - warning me that if I even come near her I will pay dearly (no really, it's not my imagination - i can't make this stuff up)

I really love this little bunny. She however HATES me - and now I have proof, a friend of mine came over last night and - gasp Tabitha ran right up to her and hopped into her lap she sat there the entire night - here is the photographic evidence she cuddled with her and wouldn't move -

So Anna (my friend) gets home and calls me and wants to know if I would be willing to let her take Samantha and Tabitha. I have to admit my first reaction was - you can't have my babies - but after a few minutes and my daughters chiming in I am thinking about it - obviously Taby is very happy with her and she is willing to take both buns (they are after all bonded)I know she would take very good care of them and I would still be able to see them. oh what to do what to do......


Oh Romeo

I feel so badly for these 2 - they talk through the bars, groom each other through the bars and look at each other - but until the surgery on the 29th I can't take any chances I really can't wait until they can be together again - I feel so cruel keeping them apart - but I am being a good mom.


helpful bun

The daddy is always talking about what a mess I make, so I decided I would get up early and help the mommy do some house work. First I did an inspection of the broom. Then I decided I would attack the dust mop.
I also did an inspection behind the door, and found nothing interesting there

Then the mommy sat on the floor sipping her coffee and looking at a magazine,(and they say bunnies are lazy - you should have seen her flop) so I came over to see what was so interesting - I am a little concerned about this article in particular and as soon as she puts this down and isn't looking I will have no choice but to chew and shred the magazine -